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    With a team composed of 12 enthusiastic, audacious, and passionate skiers, we pride ourselves in our savoir-faire. Our goal is to offer high-quality skis by anticipating the ever-evolving needs of our demanding and limitless discipline. More than a simple ski brand, ZAG is a project of passion.
    Based in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, over the last 15 years, ZAG has become a pioneer and a reference in the eyes of mountain lovers, as well as, freeride and freetouring/touring enthusiasts. ZAG continues to seduce skiers looking for unique experiences by developing easy-to-use, intuitive and high performing skis for all skiers types.
    Aware that ZAG’s playground is threatened, and as the quality of the atmosphere is more and more discussed, ZAG launches the ZAGreen Program. The goal of this program is to reduce the environmental impact of the ski industry not only by committing to greener product production, but also by making daily life at the office more environmentally conscious. In addition to commitm...
    Launched in 2017, this program represents ZAG’s commitment to eco-responsibility. Through the ZAGREEN PROGRAM, ZAG commits to reducing its own environmental impact as well as influencing the activity of the community. The free-touring range’s compliance to the standards of 1% for the Planet allows us to reach our eco-friendly goal: protect our playground. In 2019, ZAG has co...




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  • CAROLINE de Wailly
    CAROLINE de Wailly Executive director
    Passion, authenticity, commitment and responsibility are the ZAG values. They characterize the team that accompanies me every day and which is at the origin of this wonderful adventure. My Job is to make this brand grow and to guarantee to this team of enthusiasts a work environment where they feel comfortable and where the challenges thrill them.
    As the responsible of the R&D, I imagine, I draw and test your next skis. Eternal unsatisfied, I’m constantly trying to improve the performance, the lightness, the fun and the comfort of your skis each year! When I’m not on the prototypes, I love to discover Chamonix’s forests with my S122 193.
  • Baptiste Barbot
    Baptiste Barbot commercial manager
    I am in charge of growing the brand outside of the French territory, it’s a great challenge that is starting to pay off. If I have done my job well you should soon see our skis in all the most beautiful spot in the world. Otherwise if I am not travelling, I’m in Chamonix shredding with my SLAP 104, 112 or 122 when mother nature is generous.
    ALAN LEMASSON Digital marketing manager
    The digital at ZAG is my part! If you come across a Facebook post, an Instagram picture, a YouTube video or even a shooting with some riders, know that I’m not very far! When I’m not riding on my downhill bike, I like to go out ski touring with my UBAC 95 or ride in the magic forest with my SLAP 122.
  • Fabiana Serfaty
    Fabiana Serfaty Logistics manager
    I am responsible of logistic and supply. I watch over the stock in our warehouses in France and in the US. Before the snow arrives, I will be on my road bike discovering a new pass or swimming in a freezing lake. If not, you can find me with my Harfang 96 practicing to become a less tropical skier.
    NICOLAS PERIER RSE responsable
    I’m the manager of the ZAG GREEN program. My work is to transform the way we think and how we realize the different projects and activities of ZAG with the aim to be environmentally friendly. Furthermore, I transform the innovating ideas and drawings of our shaper illuminated in prototypes into sliding gears. My dedicated playground is la Flégère in Chamonix.
  • Thomas CHABOT
    Thomas CHABOT French sales coordinator
    I’m in charge of the marketing and the development of ZAG in France. If you see some skis in a shop it means that I’m not far! It’s accompanied by my SLAP 112 that you will find me in “la pendant” in Chamonix.
  • Matthis Parra
    Matthis Parra Concept store manager
    I’m in charge of welcoming you to our concept store in Chamonix! I want to give you, an unforgettable expérience. I was born with skis on my feet, the wax flow in my blood. If I’am not on skis, you probably can find me on my hockey skates
  • Alix Ameloot
    Alix Ameloot administrative and financial director /director of human resources
    In charge of everything related to numbers, legal, HR or even process. You will often find me at sunrise on a mountain ridge, on skis, or in sneakers. Amatrice of positive altitude change and wild landscapes, whether it is during summer in trail or ski touring in winter, it is with my ADRET 88 on feet that I go up and down the mountains.
  • Juliette Barbier
    Juliette Barbier Administrative and financial assistant
    In charge of accounting but also warranty support, I’m a part of the hidden side of each pair of skis. At ease both on and off the slopes, uphill and downhill, it is with my UBAC 95 on feet that you may see me this winter.
  • Alice DOLIGEZ
    Alice DOLIGEZ ADV manager
    Being ZAG’s sales assistant is being the swiss army knife of salesmen. If you see some skis in a shop is that I’ve probably stop by. If I don’t have my climbing shoes on it means that I’m having fun ski touring with my UBAC 95 or on the slopes with my H-86.
  • Marine Testou
    Marine Testou event manager
    It’s fun over here! I’m in charge of the all event part, including the skis test where you will discover our skis in the four corners of the Alpes this winter. But also, some “homemade” events for more excitement ;) When I’m not on the road, I like to walk around Chamonix to capture beautiful images of our mountains and also to set the mood in the team.
  • Jérôme Bruley
    Jérôme Bruley Design manager
    In charge of all the graphic creations at ZAG you can find my work on our social media as in a shop window. When I’m not at the office, I’m in the mountain exploring a new spot with my bike or my skis.
    Paul CHEVALLOT Prototypist
    As the brand prototypist, I work in collaboration with Bastien to design the ski of tomorrow! ZAG LAB is my universe and I invite you to come and discover it! I would be happy to explain to you how your skis are made! If I don’t have my head in the resin, I’m probably on the slopes or rather off-piste.
  • Camille PICHOT
    Camille PICHOT Back office assistant
    Freshly arrived in the back-office team, if your web order arrives without any problem, is that my work is well done! If I’m not at the office, that means I’m out discovering my new living environment.





Une équipe de professionnels qui prend du plaisir à glisser sur les pentes les plus engagées en toute sécurité grâce à des skis d’exception.




Elevate Your Sensations Discover our history


09098830-896a-4573-b9db-a9c76b4454f3.JPG 55927917_10156520479415958_5129503609393774592_o.jpg


Wadeck Gorak wins the Verbier Xtrem with one of the most flowing ski run ever on Bec des Rosses. He finishes on the 5th rank in the world's elite ranking in freeride and qualifies for a second season on the Freeride World Tour… The SLAP 112 is not only a toy, it can also help the best into their search for ultimate performance ! 

lukaleroy-36-6186.jpg lukaleroy-32-5980.jpg


After many years of development, the new Ubac, most versatile ski on the market finally sees the light. 3D manufacturing extends to the whole hiking line.


Launching the international development plan

16142197_10154295602397781_6473949569377242653_n.jpg Caroline-de-Wailly-CEO-Zag-skis-600x400.jpg


ZAG celebrates its 15 years and produces 150 pairs of the legendary BIG which opened the doors of off-piste skiing to all skiers. Personalisation appears with the DIY (Design It Yourself) : Choose the colour and message, each pair of ZAG becomes unique.


 Caroline de Wailly, Marketing Manager becomes General Manager.

Canada-Ontario-Chouette-Harfang-des-neiges-Photo-Michel-Rawicki2.png Fichier_1_300x.png


ZAGREEN Program : Eco-responsibility and eco-design become the priority. New materials, new manufacturing process, new life rules, our playground mustn't be tarnished anymore !

DSC04459.jpg Rock_2L.png


The ZAG LAB, at the heart of the brand's R&D opens its doors, even more efficient in the development !


"Elevate your sensations" youths and women take a new part in the ZAG offer. The pro shop turns into a concept store for more friendliness !

Francky_Thevenet.jpeg Adret.png


The Adret passes below one kg and allows the fans of nature raids and long mountain races to discover the absolute comfort in the downhill with ultra light skis : No compromise. Graphic redesign by the Be-Poles Studio, implementation of the new MULTRITRACKS FINDER'S logo

fd5203f41a30c521cb6586af9a5e96cb.jpg logo-big.jpg


Skiers and ascending or descending elevation enthusiasts can now gather on the website freerando.com an in Chamonix for the first freerando contest in the world, the BANZAG. (utilisation possible du logo BANZAG dans la charte) https://www.zapiks.fr/banzag-2014-2ieme-edition.html The design of the skis is now taken in charge by Studio Be-Poles.



The Ubac revolutionize ski touring and allows hikers and free riders to gather around a new kind of skis, both wide and light. The Freerando movement starts its growth.




201131_10151185163852781_812484076_o.jpg 467087_10150774756767781_1451090565_o.jpg


The world's prime location for Freeride is Chamonix, and after opening a pro-shop in 2010, ZAG settles at the bottom of the Grands Montets in 2011. A new base and quickly a new lab, to allow rapid development processes and to explore new solutions around the manufacturing of skis.

9b1d5d83b25c209dfc8a411d2100ba58.jpg ill_4353689_c5f0_fwt13_cham_ddaher-6447.jpg


Julien Lopez, pro rider of the ZAG team becomes World Champion with the mythical skis H-112 : H for Hospital and 112, the phone number for the emergencies… The powder gun dedicated to the most engaged riders !

1398076_10151772823427781_2113477057_o.jpg 1379862_10151738960512781_244127985_n.jpg


Innovation remains at the heart of the strategy, and if the Rocker has also appeared on other brands, at ZAG, it's the introduction of the double Rocker with the SLAP model (Style Libre Arrière Pays, literal translation of the English term Freestyle Backcountry). Easier to turn, even more flotation and once more at the origin of a small revolution, quickly imitated by the competition.

gerbe_et_lumie_re_2.jpg ZAG_2015__www.jeremy-bernard.com-3356.jpg


Franck Bernes-Heuga, a team ZAG rider takes the lead and, quickly supported by new investors, brings a new dynamic serving a clear vision : becoming the reference brand on the ski freeride market.

60395951_10156674340128173_7661295570920669184_o.jpg ISPO-AWARD.jpg


Wide, long and progressive tips (also known as the first "Rocker") combined to a very short radius, the patent is issued and the effects on the snow are so remarkable that ZAG wins the Brand New Award at the München's IPSO (price for the best innovation in the field of sport). The Freeride 75 and the Gold, biggest ski on the market (up to 201cm with 93cm waist) complete the offer. It's the beginning of the ZAG flood !

image004.jpg -_Double_couleur_weir_Zag_noir.png


Based in Bourg Saint Maurice, high level snowboarder, ski instructor and shaper for the snowboard brand Nidecker. Stéphane Radiguet, nicknamed Zag, imagines a revolutionary pair of skis. The idea is simple : allowing all the skiers to recover the feelings of snowboard and giving them the possibility to carve on the slope and to float in the fresh powder with a surprising ease, the BIG 84 was born !